Joslyn is an incredible life and leadership coach who has truly transformed my life. I’ve gone from the 9-5 to a “digital nomad” life I love, bouncing between San Francisco and New York City, and running my own business. I’ve branched out to meet the girl of my dreams and help CEOs and Silicon Valley execs with marketing, strategy and business ideation. It’s been an amazing twelve months working together and I always looked forward to my weekly coaching sessions with Joslyn. She is patient, powerful, insightful, attentive and kind. She has helped me find my true self, and along the way, make more money, have more free-time, improve family and romantic relationships, and have more confidence in my spiritual leadership and coaching. I cannot recommend Joslyn highly enough!
— Peter G., New York, NY & San Francisco, CA
I worked with Joslyn for a little over a year, and the amount of growth she coached me through, within my personal and professional lives, was truly priceless. She really helped to garner an appreciation and respect for self, and helped me to create tools to stick to my goals and convictions. She was a great listener, and actually hears between the lines without assuming she knows everything about you. She’s able to provide a multitude of perspectives so that you can look at all angles of an issue, and then all of your options. She pushes you outside of your comfort zone and forces you to really look inside and find your best self to put forward in to the world.
— Charvelle H., Los Angeles, CA
Joslyn is a humble leader who always thinks about her clients needs first before her own. She is honest, genuine, playful, witty, and incredibly talented. She is an amazing listener and is always a strong advocate for you, your goals, and dreams.

I would highly recommendJoslyn to any creative looking to be able to produce something much different than what they normally do.
— Davidson, H., New York, NY
Joslyn has a desire to help others and that is obvious to see when working with her. She has a soft spoken style that relaxes you and encourages you to open up. I have watched her perform and I was in aww of her. She inspires me to work harder and inspire people.
— Michael B., New York, NY

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